Specialized exhibition of dental equipment, instruments and materials

May 18-20, 2011

ITE Siberian Fair, Novosibirsk, Russia

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Exhibition profile
  • Dental equipment and appliances
  • Up-to-date dental methods and technologies
  • Video-endoscopic dental surgery
  • Equipment and materials for dental laboratories
  • Systems and materials for dental implantation
  • Materials and instruments for osteoplasty and oral surgery
  • Dental products, materials and medications
  • Equipment, materials and instruments for dental diseases prevention
  • Anesthetic and stomatologic surgery devices
  • X-ray equipment and materials, radiovisors
  • Infection control, disinfection and sterilization means
  • Expandable materials, personal protective means
  • Oral hygiene and dental prophesies care preparations
  • Orthodontic products
  • Dental optical components
  • Furniture for dental offices


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